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TTPTC is a nonprofit organization designed to educate and advocate for the safety of individuals in the health and fitness industry. Currently, there is no regulation for personal trainers in a field where there are consistent threats to human health and safety. TTPTC recognizes a standard of education and makes a recommendation for these personal trainer certifications.

Why These Certifications?

The ACPT, NSCA-CSCS & ACSM-HFI certifications require the most amount of prerequisites and education in order to be a certified personal trainer. All of these certifications are accredited by NCCA and require forms of higher education. Accordingly, Personal Trainers will have the expertise and prolonged knowhow in order to better assess you and any preconditions. Because of the noticeable lack of regulation, the majority of certifying agencies are more focused on profiteering than actually credentialing a professional. There is a trend towards state regulation and many states have already introduced legislation. By analyzing the State Bills, it seems that new regulation would require some form of higher education and accreditation by NCCA. These three certifications will most likely mirror the upcoming standard in regulation. These certifications represent a standard of realistic health and safety expectations for trainers and trainees alike. One might have the excellence of education and professionalism under other certifications. However, the normative behavior of qualifying and promoting one's self on the basis of education demonstrates the likelihood to have top tier professional trainers among these three certifications. TTPTC, inc. is not limited to these certifications and are constantly updating and communicating with the personal training certification community.

Top Tier Certification Information



Program Cost

Material Cost


NSCA-CSCS C-PT $445.00 845.95 NCCA
ACSM-HFS C-PT $375.00 $125.00 NCCA

Additional Information



Exam Costs

Retest Cost

Exam Locations


TWCC-ACPT Associate's in a health-related field, Bachelor's degree or 500 Hour State Certified Personal Training Program & 200 hours experience Included $80.00 Online/Nationwide 2 years/
NSCA-CSCS Bachelor's Degree $260.00-$450.00 $165.00-$350.00 Major cities worldwide (pencil/paper) United States only (computer-based) 2 years/
10-12 CEC
ACSM-HFS Bachelor's Degree in a Health-Related Field $279.00 $150.00 Major cities nationwide 3 years/
15 CEC